Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Tale of Two Training Days

I could tell you when it's hot stay home in the air conditioning and wait for the cool summer evenings to train. I could also tell you when it's cold and rainy tell you to wait for the universal thermostat to set on the warm dry days October and November will sometimes yield. But then you'd know I was full of, well you'd know what I'd be full of.

But this is the tale I have to tell. Yesterday in Shephersdville, KY it was considerably cooler than it has been. I've been cooped up inside because of 115 degree heat index temperatures. That's just too much for anyone. But it was humid in the upper eighties yesterday and I decided I could take my training outdoors.

I decided I would run LOL! After eating in the afternoon! Broke every single one of my rules. Start slowly then taper off, that's my rule. Don't exercise directly after eating. I'm not ready to run, unless you call laying me on my side and rolling me down the hill running. I walk. Fast, slow in between. I walk, therefore, well therefor I can participate in the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon. As much as the pizza, beer, hot cocoa and coffee appeal to me I'm pretty sure it will all be gone by the time I get to the finish line. I've got four hours to finish the race. The only people there will probably be my dad and fellow blogger Missy Goodman.

I'll be sure to tell the race director I'm slow as molasses the closer to November 12th we get. For those among you who are runners or walkers and are looking for a way to challenge yourself and enjoy the hospitality of a great town you should checkout the race. Or if you want to cheer me on leave a comment here and the most orginal or inspring quote will receive a box of G2 Sports Mix. And by leaving a comment you're welcome use the discount code: X8V28VN2C for the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon.


  1. You go, Grrrrrrl---That's pretty bad that upper 80's is a break from the heat. It must be torture to be an active sportster and have to stay indoors due to the heat. We call that cabin fever in the winter due to the intense cold or snow in Michigan. Would it be cabin fever in the summer??
    Best wishes...

  2. It has been a bit cooler and less humid in central kentucky, further south of you. I'm impressed you're running! My hubby wants us to train for a marathon but I don't think my back could take it. You go, girl!

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