Monday, August 15, 2011

Ambrose Tastes Victory & Watkins Glen Dust Up

Watkins Glen

I will be the first to admit that I’m not a big fan of the road courses. However I give props to Watkins Glen this year. The racing all day long was intense, filled with hard licks and boiling tempers. In the end Marcos Ambrose, the former Australian V8 Supercar champion, was able to put Richard Petty Motorsports back in victory lane.

Marcos Ambrose is a likeable driver whose Nascar experience has been rocky at best. To see him finally get that elusive victory was the feel good story of the day. Richard Petty Motorsports was about two weeks from closing the doors just last year. The company, like a few other non-powerhouse teams, had been hurt the mixture of a bad economy, poor management and lackluster finishes. Today the company got to shine and show that midlevel organizations can still compete. My hope is that media outlets will give Ambrose more than a quick shout out on this win, but I doubt it.

The real story of today’s race will be the hard hits. Denny Hamlin hit the wall after a failure of some kind. On the last lap Boris Said got into David Ragan, sending him into the wall and making David Reuitmann an innocent flipping bystander. These guys deserve the attention that they will get. Millions of Nascar fans, held their breaths, as these cars came to a stop and window nets came down. This writer was lucky enough or unlucky because she had to work the day job, to watch the race hours after the event. I knew going in, via twitter reports, of what happened and that all drivers involved were okay. It still took my breath away to watch them though.

Now what will lead on outlets like ESPN, CNN, etc. are the accidents and the Said/Biffle incident after the race. From what I’ve been able to put together is that Biffle saw what happened with Ragan and apparently took one or more swings at Boris in the garage area. Boris not taking too kindly to it got out of his car and was restrained from going after the Biff. Said then went on the air and said that he was going to handle things personally off the track. Whether that actually happens is debatable and something that we will find out in the future if it will come to fruition. If something does happen though you can guarantee it will be on the news because…if it bleeds, it leads.

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