Friday, September 16, 2011

When Everyone Is Against You

There are times when I think what the fuck is the point of all this? I eat right I exercise, I train, and then I talk to my dad and poof a nice swift kick in the gut. I tell him my first half marathon is coming up and he tells me now? Not even I can do it. This from the man who once let me sign up for my first half when I couldn't even run up a hill when I was fifteen. November is 12th is 56 days away. And I know I can do this I just need one person to really stand behind me or with me and let me know that all this running and walking in crappy shoes because I don't have the money for a really good pair yet because of bills or investments for promo for my books or I have to register for my January race. (I'm stil waffling between Walt Disney World and the ONU Indoor Polar Bear Marathons for that.)

Right now I'm looking over at that plate full of carrot cake cupcakes and wondering should I be strong or just show them how right they are. His words hurt and I really don't want to feel them. I've never been one to listen to people who have something nasty to say to seriously but then, maybe that's why I weigh over two hundred pounds. On a good note however, I've lost four more pounds and weigh 281 pounds.

And anyone in the area who wants to get in shape the Louisville Sports Commission is putting on a 5K, see information below!

Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon  
Louisville's NEW Half Marathon - November 12, 2011!
Louisville Sports Commission 1/2 Marathon

 LSC Race Tech Shirt
Among the great perks you'll receive by registering for the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon on Nov. 12, the most long-lasting is the stylish tech shirt. The white, long-sleeve Adidas Climalite shirts are made of a wicking material that is well-suited for training runs in all types of weather conditions. The shirts are fitted for men and women and will feature a stylish, 3-inch race logo on the front and sponsor logos on the back. Adidas tech shirts will be available at packet pick-up on Nov. 10 and 11 at the Galt House Hotel's Fountain Room. To register for the races, or for more information, log on to or

Don't forget!  For those walkers and runners who aren't ready for the half marathon distance, the inaugural Louisville Pure Tap 5K race will feature a course that goes through downtown Louisville with a great view of the Ohio River. Race registration is $20 per person, with a free t-shirt to the first 500 registrants. This family-friendly race will offer age-group awards. The races are open to both runners and walkers. For more information go to

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Four Pounds Down!

Training for a big thing has to be built up of several small things. Like getting on the scale and owning up to the fact that where you had once dropped fifty pounds you've gained thirty of them back. Well I did that last week. I stepped on the scale last night and I am happy to say with three walks and a better diet I've dropped four of those.

I know to a lot of you out there that doesn't seem like much. But to me it means a lot. It gives me the encouragement to keep on keepin on. I've struggled with my weight since I was very young. With a biological father who once asked if it was okay that one of his daughter's was 'big' to a grandmother who wrote my name on the fattest person in a newspaper photograph you could say my weight issues are incredibly deep seated and emotional. When something hurts I reach for my drug of choice--food.

Over the years I've watched many dreams pass me by. I've always loved running and ever since I was ten years old I've watched women run long distances. Like the marathon.

The marathon holds a special mystique for me and I've been trying desperately to get back to it ever since I ran my first and only one, the Walt Disney World Marathon in January of 1999. There's something about the number 26.2. It tests your mettle both physically and mentally. Just when you think you can't take it anymore there's the finish line, calling you, beckoning you, welcoming you to collapse there and know you've done something only twenty-percent of the world's population has ever done before or will ever do.

It's something anyone can do, but not everyone will. I have several doubters out there. And rightfully so. I have signed up for races that I've never run in. And I know that the nature of my condition relegates me to late fall, winter, and early spring marathons. Anyone and everyone can be overcome by the heat, and the medicines I take to cure my madness are paradoxically toxic to my system. To be weaned off of them would be detrimental to my mental health.

But the marathon shines like a beacon of hope. I've done it once. I can do it again. First stop, four more pounds. Three more walks.