Monday, August 22, 2011

The How & Why Of Becoming A NASCAR Fan

I didn’t become a Nascar fan until February of 2003. Prior to that time I was one of those people that cracked jokes. You know the type you probably have a friend or family member that has said one or more of the following comments:

1. Why do you watch car drive in a circle?
2. Indy Car is real racing.
3. Stock car racing is only for rednecks.
4. Drivers aren’t real athletes.

I was completely obnoxious and ignorant of the complexities of the sport I now love. For that I apologize.

While I’m being honest here, I became a fan in part because of my family. I had moved half way across the country in October 1999. I was in a new city and state (San Antonio, TX) and literally knew two people. I spent a year there and wouldn’t change a thing about it, but I missed my family. Upon my return in late 2000 to my surprise they had gotten into this sport called Nascar. I’m serious, my parents, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. even my Mamaw. Every time we got together all I heard was trash talking about whose driver was the best. During the 2001 season my family had their second fantasy league. There was no money on the line—but you wouldn’t know it to see these people cheer on their teams.

I wanted into this club. I talked to my dad and told him that I wanted to be in on the fantasy team. He was surprised but said okay. In February 2003 I got the call that we we’re having a family meeting on Sunday to pick our teams. Remember, I had very little knowledge on Nascar so I spend Saturday researching the sport and it’s stars. When I got to my parents house the next day…I was in over my head. Our league was different then most I had read up on. We had ten people in the league and each person got to pick their favorite driver as their primary. As the new girl I was odd man out as such powerhouse or favorite drivers such as Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Mark Martin, Dale Earnhardt Jr., & Tony Stewart were already taken. In our league if you’re in the league no one can take your driver. I was screwed; these were the drivers I knew anything about.

Thankfully my mom came to my rescue. She knows as much about the sport as any man I’ve ever met. She took me into the other room and said, “Missy, I’ve got the driver for you.”
 was like okay…who? Kevin Harvick. I was like “Who?”

She said trust me, this guy is up and coming.

I still wasn’t sure.

He’s GOING to win races, she told me. I finally gave in and said okay.

Well you know what they say…Mom was right…not only am I a Kevin Harvick fan…I’m a RCR girl….

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