Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Night Before

Sitting in the cool air my central air provides I know I need to lose weight. Earlier this year I walked the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini. But because of a loss in my best friend's family I fell off the wagon. I got discouraged and gained some of the weight back and have been looking for another race to get me back on that proverbial wagon. And then this lands in my email., the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon. It runs through downtown Louisville the Olmstead Parks system, the Cherokee Park loop, and finishes back downtown.

As fan of Iroquois Park being included in the Mini I mourned the loss of it in the KDF Mini. Being back in the parks seems like a compromise but the course described sounds heavenly and as someone who will be limited in where they can train due to travel constraints I really look forward to the times when I can get there.

With my official training set to start tomorrow I'm both nervous and excited. It's been awhile since I slapped on my sneakers, a pair of shorts, and a sports bra. And my endurance is low. Going to the grocery store is getting to be a chore. But like I said, this half marathon has me excited about running again.

The first time I ever did the mini my training consisted mostly of walking. The one time I ever ran it was up that first hill in Iroquois. I was fourteen and I was with my dad who'd been running consistently for a long time. When I couldn't make it I sat down and started crying. My dad yelled at me. Yet, I participated in that first Mini in 1990, got lost, took a TARC to find where I was. Ran THRU the Galleria, and crossed the WRONG finish line (the men's) going the WRONG WAY! Yet I came back for more five more times. The last ime was in 2011.

Well this race is my foothold back into better health and I encourage all of you to get on board. The first 50 people to pop in this PROMOTIONAL CODE: X8V28VN2CF will receive a $5 discount on their registration fee in the Do you like coffee and hot chocolate? Bearnos pizza and BBC beer? Then join the fun on November 12 at 7:30AM for the race and the after party!

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